Benefits of nettle tea or rooibos (red tea)

Rooibos (red tea) has a reputation for reducing stress. Studies by the scientific community are finally validating what many tea drinkers take for granted. Strangely, red tea has none of the mood-altering phytonutrients that contribute to the increase calm after drinking green tea. Turns out that human adrenal cells tested in a petri dish produced four time fewer steroid hormones in the presence of red tea. So would red tea be helpful for over-worked adrenal glands?

The video suggests that nettle tea may be superior to red tea while providing the obvious disclaimer about avoiding the spicules (tiny spikes) when eating raw nettle leaves. Of course, mamaki is the only nettle with no spikes. So enjoy the mineral-rich raw leaves if you wish (some say they taste like chard).

But it turns out that nettles are so mineral rich that a person still gets a significant amount by boiling the leaves and drinking the minerals that are leached out into the water, i.e., the tea. 

Mineral content equivalent of one cup of nettle tea…

  • Iron = one dried apricot
  • Zinc = one pumpkin seen
  • Copper = 1/20th of a mushroom
  • Magnesium = four peanuts
  • Calcium = one fig

Research on the Urtica dioica nettle showed to relieve the symptoms of prostate enlargement.

Stinging Nettle
American Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica), Wikimedia Commons

So when you are curled up with that warm cup of mamaki tea, also absorb an extra level of comfort by realizing that all the positive research happening around nettles and rooibos applies to the cup of tea in your hands.


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