Hawaiian Herbs of Medicinal Value – Mamaki & Pregnancy

Hawaiian Herbs of Medicinal Value

Hawaiian Herbs of Medicinal Value
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The book “Hawaiian Herbs of Medicinal Value,” first published in 1922, includes a section on mamaki that focuses on utilizing the berries during pregnancy.

Five months into the pregnancy, the expectant mother is advised to start eating four fruit per day for two months and then increasing to eight fruit per day until the child is born.  Then a process is provided for methodically inserting the fruit into the child’s diet.

As someone who has eaten mamaki fruit by the handfuls right off the plants in Hawaii, the process described seems way too anal and “medical.” Imagine all the mulberries you can eat within arm’s reach, except that these are bland tasting and transparent whitish in color. I’ve eaten until I’ve either gotten full or bored and haven’t experience anything worse than constipation relief.

The book actually talks about “meat of the seeds,” but as with mulberries, the seeds are so tiny and inconsequential that any normal person will talk about fruit or berries. Even when planting, it’s the berries that are collected and dried until the seeds can be sifted out.



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