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Euromonitor, an independent research company specializing in data for consumer markets, is such a rich source of information on worldwide tea consumption that I’m still trying to wrap my head around ways to use it. But author Roberto A. Ferdman sure pulls some nice needles out of the haystack of facts. 

Tea Trivia #1: China consumes more tea that any other country. No big surprise considering  there are over 1.3 billion Chinese. If each person in China drank only a quarter the tea of each person in the U.S., China would still consume more tea than Uncle Sam.

World Tea Per Person

Tea Trivia #2: The surprise is that the Turks drink more tea per person than any other country! At almost seven pounds per year, the average Turk consumes roughly a third more than the average Brit. The average Yank? Only half a pound. Click the graph above to learn lots more. 

How does “mamaki” sound with a Turkish accent?

Tea Trivia #3: If we dumped all the world’s tea into the Great Lakes, the resulting beverage would be about as strong as if we’d dripped two drops of tea in a bathtub. I’m not sure if Euromonitor was the source, but this is a good example of what happens to tea statistics through the XKCD lens.

XKCD Tea Bathtub

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