Native insight into Hawaiian mamaki

A Youtuber took this nice little video during a tour of the Mountain Thunder Coffee plantation on the Big Island of Hawaii. The tour guide offers lots of useful tips passed on by the natives. Among them…

  • The “law of signatures” says that the bright red vein pattern on the mamaki leaves indicates that it is especially good for the vascular system and blood
  • Leaves can be eaten raw or cooks…tastes like chard
  • Locals call the tea “red tea” because of it’s dark red color
  • The best part: the longer it’s brewed, the sweeter it gets
  • Grows wild only above 2500 feet
  • Makaki is the only plant in the nettle family that doesn’t have stingers
  • The best part: the longer its’ brewed, the sweeter it gets

Mamaki tea is known by Hawaiian natives to have several benefits…

  • Cleanse toxins from the blood
  • Good for generalized weakness (it was  given to the weak, the sick, the expecting moms—they’d drink throughout childbirth to maintain strength through labor)
  • Reduce cholesterol levels
  • Beneficial for diabetes
  • Comforting to the liver, stomach, intestine, colon, bladder, prostate




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