How far would you go for a cup of tea?

Path to Enlightened Tea
Path to Enlightened Tea | Wikipedia

A group of pictures making viral rounds in social media purports to show a treacherous trail up the side of a Chinese mountain leading to a tea house.

These TripAdvisor reviewers rave about the experience and a few even mention the tea at the top.

Wikipedia explains that “there are two walking trails leading to Huashan’s North Peak (1614 m), the lowest of the mountain’s five major peaks. The most popular is the traditional route in Hua Shan Yu (Hua Shan Gorge), first developed in the 3rd to 4th century A.D. and with successive expansion, mostly during the Tang Dynasty. It winds for 6 km from Huashan village to the north peak.”

While the trail is real, the purpose is not so much about the tea at the end as the hike itself and the scenery along the way. A cup of tea and other refreshments are nice rewards awaiting those that reach the top.

The Huashan Trail in China is apparently the most dangerous hike in the world. As explained in this video, it is primarily for “daredevils” and it may claim at least 100 lives per year, though there are no records thanks to Chinese censorship.

 Here’s a video that provides a better feel for what the climb it like…

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