Annual Stinging-Nettle Eating Contest

A tongue-in-cheek Vice article titled English Idiots Hold Annual Stinging-Nettle Eating Contest traces the history of the event to a pub in 1986 where a couple of farmers bragged about their monster nettle stalks.

Of interest to readers of MiracleMamaki is this sentence: 
The notion of ingesting nettles in some form isn’t odd, given the ubiquity and touted health benefits of teas, infusions, and even beers made from the weed.

Hawaiian’s have it far better than the English. Mamaki is a nettle without the stingers. So the benefits are available without the hassle.

And did someone say “beer?” The English may be ahead of the Hawaiian’s here because, as far as I know, this sentence is the first time anyone has ever used the term mamaki beer. Sounds like a promising Hawaiian export! Big Island brew!

Maybe one of these Hawaiian breweries will give it a shot.

Mamaki Beer
Source: Wikimedia Commons

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